• Managing Director - 2019 to present
    Motif Markets, Melbourne, Victoria
    Ensure that development and operations run smoothly. The main focus however, is on marketing and sales.

  • Managing Director - 2018 to 2019
    Paritech, Melbourne, Victoria
    Managed Paritech services to customers and executed decoupling agreement with OpenMarkets.

  • Chief Technical Officer - 1997 to 2018
    Paritech, Melbourne, Victoria
    Oversaw the development of the many projects Paritech undertook, including: end of Day data services, brokerage platform, exchange and others. In addition, I managed support and contracts.

  • Software Developer Team Leader - 1995 to 1997
    Unico, Melbourne, Victoria
    Designer and team leader developing enhancements for Telstra’s telephony exchanges.

  • Project Engineer - 1992 to 1995
    AMECON/Transfield Defence Systems, Williamstown, Victoria
    Responsible for the delivery of the Platform Training and Simulator facility for the ANZAC class frigates.

  • Software standards compliance - 1991 to 1995
    AMECON/Transfield Defence Systems, Williamstown, Victoria
    Managed platform sub-contractors' compliance to military software standards for the ANZAC class frigates.

  • Process Control Engineer - 1990 to 1990
    Philips Radio Communication Systems, Clayton, Victoria
    Investigated methods of improving manufacturing processes and better application of quality systems.

  • Process Control Software Engineer - 1986 to 1989
    Kent Instruments, Caringbah, NSW
    Developed process control software systems including the control software for the main oil pipeline between Hastings and Melbourne, and firmware for specialised process control hardware.

  • Research Assistant - 1985 to 1986
    University of NSW, Physics Department
    Assisted in a project to determine of the velocity of sound under the floor of the sea and a project which studied methods of using resonance to determine the condition of power poles.