Paul Klink

A little bit about me

Paul Klink

Current Role

I am the managing director of Motif Markets, a firm specialising in brokerage platforms and securities/digital-asset trading exchange platforms.

Our brokerage platform, Motionite, is ideal for brokers looking for a complete brokerage front-end solution with a heavy focus on API capabilities. Our highly experienced team can efficiently integrate Motionite with your exchanges, settlement, workflow and CRM systems.

Our trading exchange, XStack, combines motionite with a matching engine and an asset registry - providing a full stack exchange. XStack has the robustness and reliability required for operating in a regulatory environment. It is a affordable complete exchange solution suitable for security exchanges in emerging countries and trading exchanges for natural products such as carbon credits.

As managing development, I am fortunate that Motif Markets has very strong engineering skills. My role in development and operations mostly consists mainly of ensuring responsibilities are assigned and monitoring direction and progress. This allows me to apply more focus to business development.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss any of Motif Markets' products or you believe we could be of assistance.