Paul Klink

A little bit about me

Paul Klink


At his core, Paul is a technical person who very much enjoys developing software but who also has very good management skills. As managing director of Motif Markets, most of his time is spent on business-related issues: planning, marketing, contract management, problem resolution, customer management and team management. Fortunately, Paul’s expertise in real-time front-end applications and web technologies, allows him to maintain a partial role in software development.

Paul studied Physics and Maths at Monash University in the early 1980s. After graduating, he took on a couple of roles as a SCADA software engineer for firms developing control and monitoring systems for industrial sites. This included developing software to control an oil pipeline and water distribution system. He also took on a role as a process control engineer focusing on quality in the manufacturing of communication equipment.

After 5 years in this field, Paul took on the role of project engineer in the firm developing the ANZAC class frigates for the Australian Navy. Paul was the engineer responsible for the Platform training facility and simulator. This project was on the critical path for the delivery of the ships and had to deal with large delays in delivery of information from the ship designer. Paul managed to get his project completed in the required timeframe and to the satisfaction of all stake holders.

Upon completion of the facility/simulator project, Paul switched back to software development. For a couple of years, he worked as a designer and team leader developing telephony software for a company which extended Telstra’s Ericsson telephone exchanges.

In 1997, Paul, together with his brother Rick, founded Paritech which began developing data delivery software for Metastock software, and retailing charting projects for retail investors and traders. In the subsequent years, Paritech extended their software to include real-time data and trading terminals and then complete brokerage management systems. Initially Paul was Paritech’s CTO and contract manager. However, Paul took on the role of managing director in Paritech’s last years.

In 2019, Paritech was wound down after losing a significant contract. Paul ensured all Paritech’s obligations were met and started a new firm, Motif Markets, to take over one contract with a large international data company which still needed to be serviced. Paul continued as managing director in Motif Markets.

Motif Markets won another contract to supply a complete API focused brokerage system to a Malaysian broker. This was delivered mid-2020. In addition, Motif Markets developed an affordable exchange platform with the capabilities needed for regulatory trading environments. This is now in production with one US customer. Motif Markets is actively marketing its exchange platform in other jurisdictions where affordability is important and, also, targeting trading of environmental instruments.

When not working, Paul relishes all the exercise and sport his knees allow him. He would love to dabble more in music composition. For relaxation, he enjoys watching the occasional movie and treats himself with going to the movies with his wife, Gabby. However, spending time with his wife and family takes priority and provides the most satisfaction.