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Fielded Text Editor (FTEditor)

The editor lets you visually generate Meta’s for Fielded Text files. It interactively shows you any parsing errors as you develop the Meta and specifies the point in the text file where the parsing error occurred.

This page demonstrates how to create a Meta file with FTEditor.

Once you have finished the Meta, you can save it to use with a Fielded Text component. Alternatively, you can embed it inside a text file to prepare a declared Fielded Text file. Refer to the Introduction on the Fielded Text web site for more information on “Declared” Fielded Text files.

The editor is also an excellent tool for viewing and modifying Fielded Text files (such as CSV files). It can simultaneously display a file in an text edit window and a grid window. Color highlighting of columns make it easy to determine which column each field belongs to. Also the value of the field under the cursor and the mouse is highlighted and information about these values is displayed. A screenshot of the main screen can be viewed here.

The editor can be obtained from SourceForge.1

  1. Disclaimer: This software is provided “as is” and we make no representations as to its accuracy, reliability or fit for use. Use at your own risk. ↩︎