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Fielded Text C# library

The Fielded Text C# class library allows you to read and write text files with tables of values (eg. CSV files) in the same way as you read from and write to a database table.

The format and structure of the data within the text file is defined by a small XML file called the Meta file. Xilytix.FieldedText uses the Meta file to read from and write to the text file as if it were a database. Typically you would use a Fielded Text Editor to create these Meta XML files.

The format (schema) of this Meta XML file is specified by a standard defined at In addition to using these Meta XML files, Xilytix.FieldedText can also be used to create them. These XML files can then also be used by any other software component/library which support this standard. Refer to the website for more information about this standard.

Xilytix.FieldedText can be used to parse or generate nearly any type of CSV and Fielded Text file. This includes files which have:

It has been release into the public domain so you are free to use the code however you like.

The assembly can be installed1 from NuGet:

The source code repository can be viewed1 at:

Code Examples can be viewed here.

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