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Website migrated to Hugo

1 minutes
February 4, 2017

This website has now been migrated to the Hugo website framework. This move was done for several reasons:

The move was triggered by my desire to be more active in publishing information on my website. Since the previous package was no longer being developed, I investigated alternatives. I liked the idea of a static web site generator and Hugo seemed to best meet my needs.

I previously have worked on another static web site generator called MkDocs. I already had a reasonably understanding of how static web site generators worked and thought it would be reasonably easy to learn Hugo. It was not. There is a lot to Hugo. The Hugo website provided quite a lot of information however it took a lot of time playing and experimenting with Hugo before it started to sink in.

I now know enough to get my website out in a reasonable state and to be able to post to it. I would really like to understand Hugo better but cannot become fixated on it. Lots of other things to do.