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Hugo on my tablet

2 minutes
April 18, 2017

Writing posts is hard work - at least for me. Whenever I am in front of a computer, I get distracted by other activities. Why does programming and browsing seem to be so much more compelling than free form writing?

A while ago my wife bought a new tablet and I inherited her old Samsung Note 10.1. After managing to upgrade it to a later version of Android OS, I started to take it with me at times when I typically would use my phone for browsing the internet. For example, when I was catching the train to & from work. It is so much nicer browsing with the bigger screen.

This tablet has a stylus. During my travelling with the tablet I started using the stylus to jot down notes. I found it strangely liberating using the stylus. Not as convenient and significantly slower than the keyboard. However the slowness seem to invite more contemplation in the writing process.

Maybe this would be a better medium for writing posts!

l found this post which showed how you can run Hugo on Android. I already had Termux installed. Also had a nice text editor (QuickEditPro). And my website was in a Git repository. Looks like this approach was meant for me.

So here is my first post written on my Android tablet (with a stylus). The big question is: Will this encourage me to write more?