Paul Klink

A little bit about me

Paul Klink


In 1985 I joined a Sydney based rock band called Montagé. When I joined, Montagé already consisted of 2 guitarists. I was the bass player. Later on, a drummer joined.

For 1½ years we did the “pub rock” thing.  Practising and writing and doing the occasional gigs. We all had full time jobs so the band was our hobby, however we worked hard at it across that time. It was a lot of fun (even with the hard work and - at times - stress)!

Across the life of the band, we undertook two recording sessions. These sessions were basically one day events where we would go into a studio and record our songs. A sound engineer then mixed them down and we got to take home the final mix on our tapes.

At the time we obviously thought that our music was the greatest. We eagerly prepared some demos which we sent off to record publishers with high hopes of taking the band to the next level. Unfortunately the publishers sent back responses saying that they were not interested in the material. I guess this eventually led to the band breaking up - a common story I would assume.

Anyway 20 years later on ….

I was listening to our original tapes and thought I may as well publish them on the Internet. I still reckon that some of the songs are really quite good. If you have a moment, you can go to the songs page and listen yourself.