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Mouth Appliance Pictures

Unstacked Mouth Appliance

This pictures shows the top and bottom parts of the Mouth Appliance unstacked (ie next to each other). I have had this for a while so it is no longer as clean as when I initially received it. But it still works as well :)

Mouth Appliance Unstacked

Stacked Mouth Appliance viewed from side

This is the side view. Notice the adjusting mechanism on the top part of the appliance. When I first received my appliance I used this adjustment to get the appliance to move the lower jaw us far forward as I could to try and tackle sleep apnea as it became more acute. Eventually this was no longer effective. I then developed my own therapy. Now I have this set to make the appliance as comfortable as possible.

Mouth Appliance Stacked viewed from side

Stacked Mouth Appliance viewed from back

This is what it looks like from the back. The aim is to get the right amount of vertical separation between the rear of your upper and lower jaws. Hopefully the dental technician who manufactures your appliance will be able to assist you with this.

Mouth Appliance Stacked viewed from back