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Sleep Apnea

I suffer from Sleep Apnea and I got it bad! Without special attention to sleeping procedures, within 3 hours my breathing is almost completely blocked. I wouldn’t die - at least not in the short term - however for the rest of the night, my sleep is extremely disrupted. It’s hardly worth trying to go back to sleep. The next day is even worse. Very dazed, extremely tired, headaches and with very little ability think things through. Imagine a zombie. Not the fast moving type chasing people but the slow, lethargic, lifeless ones roaming around without much purpose. That is what it feels like.

There are various treatments/therapies:

  • Mouth appliance
  • CPAP
  • Surgery
  • others 1

When I first started suffering from sleep apnea, I was able to manage it by carefully controlling my sleeping position. However that only worked for about a year. When this no longer worked, my dentist organised a mouth appliance for me. This was great at first. Just pop it into my mouth at bedtime and no sleep apnea! However its therapeutic effect did not last. After 2 years I started again to suffer from sleep apnea. It seemed like the condition was slowly but steadily getting worse.

At that point I pondered my next step. Should I escalate my treatment to CPAP? I did not want to spend the rest of my life sleeping with a mask on my face. (Nor spending a lot of money on this equipment.) However doing nothing different was also not an option. Who wants to be a zombie for the rest of their life!

I decided I would try to figure out my own treatment/therapy/cure. Something that would not encumber me with having to sleep with a mask for the rest of my life. I spent the next 2 years experimenting: trying different sleeping positions, different diets, different stretches and exercises. Finally I found a combination that worked. It’s not a cure, and it takes a bit of discipline, but it allows me get a good night’s sleep without suffering the effects of sleep apnea. The joy of waking up in the morning refreshed and with zest for the day!

Important Note: This is NOT a mainstream sleep apnea therapy. It is not currently underpinned by scientific studies. It is not known or recognised by the wider sleep apnea community. If you are new to sleep apnea and are investigating possible treatments, I suggest you start with mainstream therapies such as CPAP or Mouth Appliance. With these therapies, you will find a lot of support; including support from professional consultants, specialist sleep clinics, equipment manufacturers and the online community. A good way to learn about sleep apnea is to visit one of the online forums and see how other people are dealing with it and maybe even ask your own question. Below is a list of some forums dealing with sleep apnea however I am sure you can find others with some internet searches.

So what is my approach to managing sleep apnea? Read about it in the following 2 pages:

  1. What is my understanding of Sleep Apnea,
  2. Dealing with Sleep Apnea.

  1. See this page for a discussion of other therapies. [return]