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Getting a Physio to Help With Sleep Apnea

· by Paul Klink · Read in about 2 min · (321 Words)
Sleep Apnea

How to do the sleep apnea back exercises? I have described this here with a bit more information here. On one of the sleep apnea forums, a person requested more information regarding how to perform these exercises. I can well understand someone asking this question. This is probably one situation where the saying «a picture is worth a thousand words» is quite appropriate. A video would be worth even more.

But alas I am no artist, nor filmmaker, nor am I interested in diverting my limited free time in this direction. So what can I do to help this person?

After some contemplation, the thought came to me that, even better than a picture or video, would be personal assistance. Obviously it is not practical for me to assist - we could be on opposite sides of the planet. But even better than me, would be a physio therapist. Organising and assisting with musculoskeletal exercises probably fills a significant part of their working week. They could assist far better I can.

So if you want some help, try the following:

  1. Find a physio
  2. Make an appointment with the physio as early as possible in the morning.
  3. Get the physio to review the back exercises instructions.
  4. Try to exercise as little as possible prior to the appointment to prevent the back muscles from becoming activated.
  5. Get the physio to develop an exercise program for you.

Currently lots of professionals with a dental background work in the sleep apnea space. It wouldn’t surprise me if physios start working in this space as well.

Finally my apologies for this «cop out». I’m pretty sure the person requesting help would have preferred some graphics or video - and not a suggestion where they need to pay out more money. If anyone has some links to suitable content or can donate some graphics, I would be happy to incorporate them into my sleep apnea web page.