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Should not eat Fish and Chips

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Sleep Apnea

Was on the train on my way home last night when my wife rang. She was hungry and did not feel like cooking. Could I bring home some fish & chips?

I was also hungry. I love fish & chips. However I try hard to avoid them. I tend to over eat them; I am sure they add to my weight; and one hour after the meal, my stomach feels like it has this mass of gunk inside it which lingers for ages.

But I bought them any way!

That night I discovered another reason for avoiding fish & chips. They made my sleep apnea worse. Nowadays I sleep about 5 hours before I wake up and have to exercise my back. That means I only need to get up once. However last night I woke after 3 hours. Even worse, when I woke, sleep apnea had taken a hold and given me a mild headache. I did my back exercises and went back to sleep. I woke up again after 3 hours again with the same symptoms. Did my exercises and went back to sleep again. Woke up in the morning and had to struggle through the day in a (mild) haze of sleep apnea.

So looks like fish & chips not only brings forward the onset of sleep apnea, it also keeps you asleep after sleep apnea has commenced - thus not allowing you to perform back exercises to prevent sleep apnea from taking on a hold.

Now this may just be a coincidence and there may be no correlation between eating fish & chips and greater suffering of sleep apnea, but in the future, I will try even harder to avoid them - even if my wife is hanging out for them.