Perfection impedes achievement

Welcome to my corner of the Internet

I live in Melbourne, Australia; am a father and a husband; work as a software developer and dream of being a musician (if only I had the talent).

Some quick points:

  • Paritech - where I work for a living
  • Xilytix - where I work on my personal projects
  • Fielded Text - my stab at making a standard for text files with rows of values (eg. CSV Files)

Some poeple have raised a concern that my sleep apnea therapy article may confuse people new to sleep apnea. This is a valid point. I remember when I first started to suffer from sleep apnea and started searching the internet for answers. It is a difficult and daunting experience. At this point you really only want to learn about mainstream views on sleep apnea and mainstream treatments. My treatment is not mainstream.

Sleep Apnea Therapy

I am a sleep apnea sufferer and have been so since about 2010. At first it was only a mild affliction but it progressively got worse and worse. When it got to the stage that a Mouth Appliance would no longer get me through the night without suffering from sleep apnea, I made the decision to figure out my own therapy instead of moving onto some more drastic treatments such as CPAP or surgery.

Excel 2016 RTD

Excel 2016 64 bit will not communicate with a 32 bit automation RTD server. This caused me a fair bit of grief in trying to get my new out-of-process RTD server to work. Many thanks to Add-in Express for their assistance with this problem.

This website has now been migrated to the Hugo website framework. This move was done for several reasons: The previous website creation software was no longer being actively developed It also did not support responsive design. You had to create 2 separate pages for desktop and mobile. It had limited support for blogs. The move was triggered by my desire to be more active in publishing information on my website.