Perfection impedes achievement

Welcome to my corner of the Internet

I live in Melbourne, Australia; am a father and a husband; work as a software developer and dream of being a musician (if only I had the talent).

Some quick points:

  • Paritech - where I work for a living
  • Xilytix - where I work on my personal projects
  • Fielded Text - my stab at making a standard for text files with rows of values (eg. CSV Files)

Excel 2016 RTD

Excel 2016 64 bit will not communicate with a 32 bit automation RTD server. This caused me a fair bit of grief in trying to get my new out-of-process RTD server to work. Many thanks to Add-in Express for their assistance with this problem.

This website has now been migrated to the Hugo website framework. This move was done for several reasons: The previous website creation software was no longer being actively developed It also did not support responsive design. You had to create 2 separate pages for desktop and mobile. It had limited support for blogs. The move was triggered by my desire to be more active in publishing information on my website.